About The Journal

Education and research has an immense impact on the human society. It is through education and researches that knowledge and information is received, delivered and shared throughout the world. Iqra University believes not only in delivering the knowledge but also believes in creating it by contributing toward the research community. The efforts of Iqra University have shown an exponential increase in research contributions as also reflected in a recent survey of research output of universities in Pakistan conducted by HEC.
Further to enhance the research and development at Iqra University, Faculty of Engineering, and Sciences & Technology has launched its own research journal ‘Asian Journal of Engineering, Sciences and Technology (AJEST)’. AJEST will prove to be another milestone for Iqra University on its way in excelling to the top. AJEST will be published bi-annually.
This journal will also give recognition to the exceptional work being contributed by the hard working faculty and students of Iqra University. The first issue of AJEST has been published. All the issues of AJEST will also be available online.
Download AJEST Issues: AJEST Vol. 1 Issue 1
Call for papers: AJEST Vol. 1 Issue 2
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Editor-in-Chief: Abid Karim
Email Address: akarimpk@iqra.edu.pk
111 – 264 -264 (Ext: 1121)