Many individuals contend their entire lives to reach the ‘C-Suite’ and yet fail to do so. What are the reasons? Are they not qualified enough? Do they lack the qualities of a C-level executive? Usually, they are doing everything right and yet not being able to make it to the C-suite tier. The reason being that employees are unable to crack the correct code all their lives, and therefore are unable fulfill their dreams.
We organized C-Suite, a Talks program to engage the industry leaders with our students for them to share their success stories, corporate tips, training programs and wisdom to bridge the gap between expectations and reality of the corporate world. The underlying aim was to prepare students for the future and motivate them to climb up the ladder smartly.
Following were the executive members of C-Suite (2016) who took some time out of their busy schedule and visited us to enrich our students:
• Saad Amanullah Khan, CEO – Alamut Consulting

• Kamal Faridi, CEO – 22Four International Corp.

• Sameera Raja, CEO – Canvas Gallery

• Ambareen Main Thompson, Executive Director – I AM KARACHI

• Huma Wadood, Co-founder of Ladies That UX – Dallas

• Nadeem A. Malik, Cloud Lead at IBM

• Eram Masood, Director Marketing – British Asian Fashion Network

• Abid Merchant, Co-founder & Director of Sanat Initiative

• Badar Ikram, SVP and Head of Films Division at HUM TV

• Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, Co-Chairman of AMZ MAK Capital Limited

IUNC appreciates the time and efforts of all our executive members for sharing their valuable insights with our students.