“As a part of its Reaching-Out to Industry Approach, this year as well, IUNC organized Corporate Connect 2016. More than 30 top-notch companies participated and provided a huge pool of opportunities to all IUNC grads.
The major companies included Deloitte, TCS, Sheild, Pavilion End Club, Avari Hotel, Pepsi, Prime HR, EFU, UBL , ChaseUp, Arthur Lawrence, J-Dot, Almirah, Clik9, The Citizens Foundation (TCF), The Academy, SuperNova Solutions, Pakistan in Vogue, Notch Training, Neusol, Multinet,, Hybrid Technologies, Horizon Softech, FES Paakistan, Cloud Innovators Solutions and Brac Pakistan. Shangrila Private Limited Karachi was the official Event Partner of Corporate Connect.
The Recruiters showed complete satisfaction with the applicant pool and offered more than 200 job offers at the spot. Yet again, Corporate Connect proved to be one of the flagship event of IUNC bridging the gap between the academia & industry.”