Research Areas

Understanding the operations of academic research –how to preserve them, how to solve the problems that arise in them, and how to capitalize on their strengths–is one of IURC’s primary goals. This segment of the website is a base to IURC research, focused on the basic research learning and underlying trends that define the outlook for the economics and finance research studies.


  • International Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Business Economics
  • Labor Economics/Human Resource
  • Behavioral economics/Behavioral Sciences
  • Consumer economics/Marketing
  • Logistics economics/Supply Chain Management


Research Activities

IURC number of on-going research activities in academics related to Post-graduate and under-graduate studies. Research activities extensively include:

  • Thesis Supervision
  • Thesis Examination
  • Journal/Publications management
  • Conference/Research Assembly
  • Labour economics/Human resource
  • Additional academic-research oriented trainings

List of Publications

There are currently quite a number of published research papers by IU scholars and also working research papers are also a part of specialized research outputs.

  • Dr. Akif Hasan
  • Dr. Ayub Mehar
  • Dr. Roshan Shaikh
  • M.I. Subhani
  • Mr. Ather Iqbal
  • Ms. Amber Osman

Research Activities at MBA / MPhil / Phd

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Publications of SAJMS

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International Publications

Dr. Syed Akif Hasan

Dr. Ayub Mehar

Dr. Imtiaz Subhani