Welcome to IQRA University North Campus

Logic, wisdom and knowledge are the important tools that can drive a nation like Pakistan towards the horizon of success. As an institute, Iqra University understands the importance of roles it has to play. To become such a workforce, Iqra University believes in promoting innovation, research and talent on the basis of pure merit and talent. The IU Family believes that we are on a journey with knowledge and learning to twist and solve very fabric of problems faced worldwide. Iqra University is honoured to be chartered by the Government of Sindh vide Sindh Government Ordinance No.VI of 2000 by having campuses in all 4 provinces of Pakistan and also having foreign collaborations with reputed institutes.
To enlighten the future we have a range of undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes of international stature in areas like Management sciences, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Education and Learning Sciences, Media Sciences and Fashion Designing. With all these demanding areas in a healthy environment of learning, we offer facilities that promote practical innovation. It’s not just an institute, for us it is our big IU Family where every member is enlightened with education using all facilities such as hi-tech labs, fully enriched Information Resource Centre, placement, transport, housing and many others.