• Every student graduating under Bachelor or Masters Program MBA/MPHIL/PhD.
    must undergo research work where he/she will be writing a research report/thesis respectively.
  • Students must successfully complete their research work within a maximum of two years after completing their courses.
  • Students must successfully defend their thesis in front of a panel to qualify for the award of a degree.

  • The panel for judging the thesis will consist of at least two members to be selected by the Office of IURC from the list of potential examiners formulated by the Dean.
  • In the case of research report for a Bachelors degree, the students may work in groups of a maximum of five.
  • In the case of a thesis at the Masters level/MPhil/PhD, no group work will be allowed and each candidate will submit his/her individual thesis.
  • At MBA/ MPHIL level the thesis-1/ thesis-2 will be graded as pass (P) or incomplete (I). In the case of incomplete, the student will be allowed to re-do thesis and submit/resubmit to IURC.
  • In case of thesis-1, the incomplete (I Grade) will be converted into F- Grade if thesis-I is remained unclear/ incomplete for more than a year after the Thesis-I enrollment.
  • An examination fee of Rs. 3000/- will be charged from all masters/MPhil/PhD students, whose thesis is to be examined. This will be applicable both to the existing students and the new intake.


  • Students are allowed to choose their thesis supervisor from the available list of supervisors approved by IURC. The willingness of the supervisor is required. In case of non-availability of the mentioned supervisors Head Research-IURC may approve an external supervisor as per the approval policy of Iqra University.
  • The supervisor will guide the student in his/her research work as per the policy.
  • Student must first decide about the possible area of his/her research i.e.Telecom, Marketing, Databases, Economics, Finance, Management, International Business in Thesis-I supervision class.
  • IURC will then confirm and approve the research title for the thesis.
  • After this, the student can start working on his/her proposal for research under the guidance of the supervisor in Thesis-I class.
  • This proposal will then be submitted to IURC for evaluation. (They should not take more than one week to evaluate).
  • After the approval of the IURC, the student will then continue to work on his/her actual Thesis.(i.e. Thesis-II).
  • Once the Thesis is complete then student should submit required copies of Thesis to the IURC and IURC will appoint the panel of members for evaluation.
  • Lastly,student will be asked to defend his/her thesis after the panel has received his/her work. This defense will be done within a week after the submission of thesis.
  • IURC will issue a detailed comment sheet on the Evaluation of Thesis/Thesis Examination one week after the viva examination.
  • The Certificate of Resubmission duly signed by Thesis supervisor shall translate that supervisor has made student to incorporate all required modification as suggested by examiners/IURC via comment sheet.
  • Once the Thesis Certificate of Resubmission will be signed by the supervisor,the IURC will accept the resubmission certificate and the attached thesis draft for the Notification of results.