South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

  1. What is the journal all about?
    • South Asian Journal of Management Sciences is a biannual publication of IU. It is a multidisciplinary journal covering the entire gamut of
      areas like Business, Social and Management sciences.
  2. On what format shall the research paper be based upon?
    • The paper shall be based on the following:
      1. The space is valuable and as such it is ought to be saved. Keeping this constraint in view, a research paper written within a maximum limit of 5000 words
        accompanied by an abstract of 150 words shall be acceptable. The material beyond this word limit shall be edited by the Editorial Board.
      2. Under the research paper/article, only the name of the author’s shall be given; whereas the introduction of the authors shall be given on a separate page
        at the back of title page, titled, ‘contributors.’
      3. Every Research Paper shall be reviewed by the peers.
      4. A Cumulative Index both author-wise and subject-wise shall be prepared at the end of every year and the same shall be printed in the journal.
      5. Editorial Board shall comprise six scholars of international repute from the University and six scholars from the world renowned universities, abroad.
      6. The papers are required to be formatted in APA style.

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