The Library and Information Resource Centre (LIRC) is the central part of Iqra University North Campus (IUNC), which is mainly established to support the intellectual needs of University members. However, outsiders are also allowed by the permission of authorities.

IUNC Library and Information Resource Centre are of academic nature, which provides a wide range of print and electronic resources to its users. It has currently 2,000 print books and 5,000 electronic books with subscription of 10 print journals and access to 10,000 electronic journals and 6 most citied databases.

The LIRC have an oracle based automated database to record bibliographic data with facility to search library holdings.


Books, reports, journals, magazines, bulletins, reference works and non-print materials are included in the holdings of IUNC LIRC. All resources are available in an open-access environment with instruction to shelf-guide. CCTV cameras are provided for the security of library collection.

Books: IUNC Library and Information Resources Centre endowed with 2,000 high quality information, educational and recreational books and a separate reference section for ready reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks etc. All books except reference material can be circulated to all registered members. The automated catalogue, which lists all items available in the library, can be searched by author, title, subject, or publisher of the book / report. There is also a keyword search option. The catalogue can be viewed at the librarian’s desk.

Journals: 10 print and 10,000 e-journals are in subscription of IUNC Library and Information Centre from all over the world on business, economics, education and management.

Reports: The library stocks various statistical, annual and research reports as well as directories, catalogues from local and international associations.

Newspapers: Copies of 3 national newspapers are daily arrived in the library for current affairs and also used as a record up to last three months.

Newsletters: Newsletters, brochures and prospectuses received by the library are displayed in the magazines shelf.

Services and Facilities

Reading Room: IUNC library and information resource center has a wide well-equipped reading area with sitting strength of over 100 users at a time for peaceful and comfortable study and learning activities while group study, loud discussion or making library a meeting place is strictly prohibited.

Archive Area: Library has an archive section to keep record of 3 months old newspapers; this facility is for research students to provide reference on time.

Current Awareness Service: Library and Information Resource Centre is providing Email based “Current Awareness Service” to IUNC faculty members and students to share new arrivals information, library updates and important news about database and websites.

Inquiries and Advisory Service: Professional staff is available to facilitate all aspects of library use. S/he will provide responses to general and specific queries on all research topics and related subjects, and provide help to users in literature search from resources available in print and other media.

Inter-Library Loan Service: This service is extended to a Faculty member if a required book or material is not available in this library. Books can be borrowed through inter-library loan from affiliated libraries.

Outreach Activities: IUNC Library and Information Resource Centre is offering a Library Volunteer-ship Program to provide free hands-on training about Library Management Skills to fresh students. IUNC Library is also actively coordinate with national and international libraries to share their resources and services.

Circulation (Issue/Return): Books are available for circulation to all regular library members for a period specified below;

Category Books Period
Faculty Members 4 Books 1 Month
Students 2 Books 1 Week
Staff 2 Books 2 Week

Membership Process

There are two major category of library members;

  1. Registered members
  2. External members

Teaching staff, researchers and students are counts as “Register Members”. Registered once, they are allowed to use library and its services and facilities. They can also lend out library resources as per their checkout limits. All regular members will be given a library membership card that is compulsory for all library transactions. In order to obtain library clearance, a member has to surrender their membership card.

Visitors, students, researchers and teaching staff other then IUNC are categorized as “External Members” and they are limited to browse library resources for reference purpose only. No issuance of resources is allowed unless a library or librarian involved for interlibrary loan.

Subject Classification and Shelf Arrangement

All books on the shelves are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme, and arranged alphabetically by subject from A to Z using the OCLC Cutter Scheme.

Subject Classification from Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme.

000Computer science, information & general works
100Philosophy & psychology
300Social sciences
700Arts & recreation
900History & geography

Library Collection

Library has an automated catalogue, which is available to librarian desk to search books and library holdings by author, title, subject, publisher and keyword. Library staff provides guidance in using catalogue and retrieving material from shelves.

Rules and Regulations

  • All library members must abide by the library regulations.
  • The Library Membership Card must be used for using library. At the end, members will be required to surrender the membership card to the librarian to get a `clearance’. The membership card is not transferable.
  • In case of card lost, the new card will be issued against the payment of Rs. 50/-
  • Fine of Rs. 15/- per day will be charged for an overdue book.
  • Reference books, journals, reports and Newspapers are for use within the library only and cannot be borrowed.
  • CDs/DVDs cannot be borrowed.
  • The user is responsible for any loss or damage to library materials and will be charged the cost of the item plus 10% surcharge and applicable fine.
  • Library telephone facility is for the library staff only.
  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • Eatable are strictly prohibited in Library.
  • Handbags, personal belongings must be left outside the library.
  • The librarian reserved the rights to suspend the membership if found in breaking the rules of library.
  • Do not write on or mark the library books. This damages the books besides causing inconvenience to the next user.
  • Do not shelf books. Leave them on the Librarian Desk.

Library Timings

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8.00am to 10.00pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00am to 5.00pm

Ask a Librarian

Afshan Idris Qureshi
Senior Librarian
Ext : 1206

Urooj Fatima
Assistant Librarian
Ext : 1207

Noor Fatima
Assistant Librarian
Ext : 2206

Syed Muhammad Saad
Assistant Librarian
Ext : 1207
E-mail: Ali

Library Attendant Azhar Iqbal Library Helper

Library and Information Resource Center
Iqra University North Campus,
Plot # 204-205, North Karachi Campus. Karachi

Tel: 111 11 IQRA