Vice President Prof. Dr. Wasim Qazi

Akin to a “student metropolis” in its own right, the Iqra University- North Campus (IUNC) opens its doors to prospective students. The incipience and subsequent launch of the IUNC heralds an exciting chapter in the dynamic and pulsating academic milieu. This imposing new site perfectly complements our vision and thereby signals our unconditional dedication to the student fraternity.
The campus infrastructure has undergone immense refurbishment featuring: state-of-the-art class rooms, labs, technology suites, gymnasium, auditorium, learning centre, and spaces for media and fashion design. The iconic infrastructure and facilities are zoned to present an inclusive, learner friendly, synergistic, and collegial backdrop by implementing cutting-edge curriculum and teaching, that is accessible to recipients within and beyond classrooms.
In consensus with the emergent scholastic drift, the IUNC, along with our constituent campuses, is also dedicated to knowledge transfer, research and employer engagement. This pledge is reflected through our thematic strategies, flagship demand-led and market focused disciplines that include: business administration, education, engineering sciences, media & fashion design and management sciences.
Therefore, on behalf of the IU brand, the IUNC will undeniably be the hub of creativity and entrepreneurship in the heart of Karachi. We strive to endorse a culture of excellence, inquiry, resourcefulness, and public service in developing solutions. Hence, supported with our innovative learning setting and exceptional faculty, it is an opportunity for US to utilize and retain YOUR talent at the IUNC.
I extend a very warm welcome and invite you to participate in our mission, vision and shared values.