Vice Chancellor’s Message

It is an honour for me to write a message for an International Conference on Management, Education and Social Sciences Research, Emerging Nations Perspectives (ICMESSR). The issues raised by the Conference this year are particularly ones which deserve praise and compliment. I extend my warm welcome to all the participants from around the world to attend an event which is of a prime significance.

Social Sciences, Management and Education are no more in an isolation. In this age of globalization and information technology, there is a dearth of understanding for a linkage between Education, Management and Social Sciences Research. This Conference shall facilitate in one of the prime functions of Social Sciences i.e. to gauge where the world is heading and what are the challenges in the process benefiting human beings. This Conference can be the prime motivator for the winds of change particularly in this part of the world. This is the point that we will have to spread the effects of it so that we can positively transform the mindset of our people, and bring a qualitative change in society through a meaningful research in the fields of Social Sciences, Education and Management. It is about time that we all sit together to seriously ponder on working out some solid framework for the coming generations and facilitate these disciplines according to our national needs.

Conferences are generally an essential part of academic discourse. This gives me a feeling of confidence that our future is bright. ICMESSR-2015 is another opportunity to move ahead in the area of future planning in terms of intellectual growth, identification of challenges and so forth.

I encourage the students to participate in such activities as much as possible. The youth of today has an enormous potential thus it is essential that they be given an opportunity to express their views; conduct research and experiment to bring a positive change in the contemporary world.
I hope the Conference organizers and the participants are able to achieve their goals and objectives.


Dean’s Message

For the first time in the history of Faculty of Social Sciences (formerly Faculty of Arts) an International Conference based on public-private partnership is being held.

Entitled as “International Conference on Management, Education and Social Sciences Research” (ICMESSR) to be held on April 04-05 in collaboration with Iqra University at the University of Karachi provides a unique opportunity for conference participants and speakers to enter into a viable discourse on issues which link management, education and social sciences particularly in the context of emerging nations.

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Karachi is engaged in numerous academic activities. After an interlude of six years, the faculty organized an International Conference on “Social Sciences in Transition” on December 3-4, 2014. Furthermore, the faculty has also launched its “Distinguished Lecture Series” since August 2014. The Research Facility Center (RFC) is being revitalized so as to provide better research facilities and guidance to the faculty members particularly in embarking on various research projects.

The themes of ICMESSR indicate the importance and significance of issues which needs to be contemplated and analyzed in depth and by pursuing a proactive approach.
In a world which is undergoing a dynamic process of change at different levels, the conference will help accomplish three major objectives. First, creating awareness, particularly among conference participants belonging to the younger strata of society about the linkage between management, education and social sciences research primarily in the perspective of emerging challenges in the global South. Second, the conference will make a difference in terms of exploring opportunities for conducting path breaking research in social sciences in order to address issues which are a cause of misgoverance, social backwardness, ignorance, economic under-development, frustration, anger, antagonism, militancy, violence and terrorism in many countries belonging to the global south. Third, the challenge of excelling in the world of knowledge cannot be denied particularly when the gap in science & technology between the developed and the under-developing world is widening at a faster pace. Global south cannot ensure a better life for its people unless there is a qualitative breakthrough in the fields of education, governance and social sciences research.

ICMESSR will go a long way in unleashing the process of meaningful academic discourse among the conference participants by interactive discussion and coming up with findings which can help understand how the emerging nations and economies can meet the challenges of 21st century.


Chancellor’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the distinguished participants to the International Conference on Management, Education and Social Sciences, jointly organized by the University of Karachi and Iqra University.

In industrially developed nations, a university’s role in multidisciplinary research is a well-established fact. Every research conducted pushes the boundaries of knowledge and contributes to the progress of nation. Private sector universities in developing nations, though well-structured and efficiently governed, have limited resources to initiate on projects of significant national impact but the changes that 21st century has brought in its wake necessitate the collaboration of public sector and private sector.

Therefore, we are grateful to University of Karachi, one of the biggest public sector universities in Pakistan, for being the principal collaborator of this conference, and setting an unprecedented example of public-private university alliance.
I would also like to offer my felicitations to all the participants who have chosen to avail this platform to advance the development of knowledge in their subject-specific fields.

It is also my great pleasure to welcome scholars of international repute from Europe, Middle East and Canada in the fields of Education, Management and Social Sciences who shall grace the Conference and share their invaluable input.
It is my hope and expectation that this Conference shall set the precedent for providing insights to formulation of future policies in both inter and trans-disciplinary fields of research.


Vice Chancellor’s Message

Universities exist to create new knowledge. Dissemination of this new knowledge is of prime importance. A research conference is a platform which facilitates discussion on new knowledge and its dissemination.

This International Conference on Management, Education and Social Sciences Research is one such step taken by Iqra University to provide a platform to researchers within Pakistan as well as abroad to share their intellectual work and receive feedback from like-minded people.

We are grateful to all those who have supported us in organizing this mega event, particularly the University of Karachi, which has partnered with us in this joint conference.

I am hopeful that this conference will add value to the knowledge of all those who are a part of this event.


Vice President’s Message

The public- private nexus is a complex interface for innovative opportunities and new management options. In the existing challenging climate, the contribution of private sector academic institutions cannot be overlooked. It is, therefore, of utmost significance to provide a concrete platform for high-quality and accessible academic, economic and business relationship between public and private sector.

The International Conference on Management, Education and Social Sciences 2015 is symbolic of the perfect harmony between public and private sector educational institutions, University of Karachi and Iqra University. Iqra University, as a leading private sector university, has transcended traditional boundaries to collaborate with public educational entities and business sector.

This Conference represents larger scheme of objectives: mainly, to solicit intellectual collaboration through public-private partnership arrangements. It, indeed, presents the opportunity to the best minds to collaborate and come up with creative solutions. Under this configuration, the existing philanthropists and corporate experts will engage in designing mutually beneficial academic and business solutions.

I applaud the institutional hierarchy for generating such a smart team of experts to conduct the proceedings. I offer my heartiest felicitations to all the distinguished participants. This conference has been graced, not only with the presence of eminent scholars and field experts from Pakistan but also from world-renowned international scholars, hailing from many Asian, European and American countries. This alliance will no doubt result in mobilizing intellectual resources, developing research culture and community involvement featuring all segments of the society.

I thank the University of Karachi for its extensive support in a project that will undeniably impact the national progress by serving to reveal numerous vistas in the fields of Management, Education and Social Sciences.