A National Symposium on Business, Management and Education (NSBME) 2015 organized by Iqra University Gulshan Campus and was held on 21-22 November, 2015 at Iqra University North Campus. Symposium was graced by Dr. Hafeez Pasha, an internationally acclaimed Economist, as Chief Guest. Dr. Pasha lauded the efforts of Iqra University and placed IU above the top HEI’S in Pakistan.
Dr. Riaz Ul Haq Tariq, Chairman, NACTE-HEC, Dr. Rauf-e-Azam, VC , University of Education, Punjab, Mr. Abid Sherwani, D.G, UMT, Lahore and Mr. Ali Salman, of Prime Institute, Islamabad were the notable guests.
The Two-Day Symposium’s Theme was Redefining National Progress through Quality Research and it lived up to its expectations pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
Chancellor Iqra University, Mr. Hunaid Hussain Lakhani, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Capt. U.A.G. Isani, Registrar, Dr. Akif and all other guests lauded the efforts of Dr. Wasim Qazi, V.P, Iqra University and his team including Mr. Imtiaz Arif, Ms. Isma Zaigham and Mr. Ameenullah Aman.