Events organized by QEC

Following awareness seminars, conferences and workshops have been organized by QEC at university.

S.No. Title of the Event Date Target Group Type of the Event
1 Quality Issues & Measures 28/07/10 Faculty/Staff Seminar
2 Seminar on Quality Assurance & Enhancement 21/10/10 Faculty/Staff Seminar
3 Workshop on Writing Self Assessment Report. 22/10/10 Faculty/Staff Workshop
4 How to take Feedbacks. 17/01/11 Faculty Workshop
5 Importance of Institutional Performance Evaluation. 22/03/11 Faculty/Staff Seminar
6 Producing Quality Reports on Performance Evaluation 09/04/11 Faculty/Staff Workshop
7 Online Self Assessment Evaluation System 01/06/11 Faculty/Staff Seminar
8 Quality Based Ranking 15/06/11 Faculty/Staff Seminar
9 Quality Awareness 11/07/11 Faculty/Staff Seminar
10 Self Assessment Methodology 09/10/11 – 10/10/11 Faculty/Staff Seminar/ Workshop
11 Bench marking to improve Quality Standards in Higher Education. 11-10-11 Faculty/Staff Awareness Seminar
12 “Feedback” – A tool to Improve Quality. 09-11-11 Faculty Awareness Seminar
13 Monitoring, Evaluating and Grading of Universities. 14-12-11 Staff Awareness Seminar
14 Producing Quality SAR 10-02-12 Faculty/ Staff Workshop
15 HEC Self Assessment Criteria and Related Standards 11-02-12 Faculty /Staff Seminar

Participation in Events by QEC

QEC participated/ contributed in following workshops, meetings, trainings at national/international level.

S.No. Title of the Event Date Purpose of the Event
1 Workshop on Quality Assurance & Writing Self Assessment Report 04/10/10
2 Workshop on Reviewing Self-Assessment Report 13/05/11
Participation/ Contribution
3 Online Evaluation of Self-Assessment Performa 20/06/11 Participation/ Contribution
4 Workshop on Objective based Assessment for Quality Improvement 22/08/11 Contribution
5 Seminar on Techniques to Synchronize Sessional Objectives with Course Objectives (for Social Science Courses/for Engineering Courses) 12/09/11
6 Workshop for Students & Teachers to Increase Employability & Employee Response 24/09/11 Contribution
7 Peer Review of Self Assessment Report 12/13- 10-11 Participation /Contribution
8 3rd Meeting of Quality Enhancement Cell 14-10-11 Participation
9 Workshop on “Overcoming Barriers to Success”. 10-12-11 Participation
10 42nd Meeting of Board of Governors of Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management 14-12-11 Participation /Contribution