Executive Development Center

The Executive Development Centre is situated beside the main Campus, adjacent to the Sports Complex. The EDC consists of a stat of the art Auditorium on the First Floor.
At the ground floor are the offices of the Heads of the Business Administration Faculty, Two Lecture Halls, One seminar/workshop hall, four counseling rooms, a pantry and three fully equipped computer laboratories which includes two engineering Laboratories.

Auditorium / Convocation Hall:

A state-of-art convocation hall / auditorium has been constructed at IU Karachi Campus. It is located in the area adjacent to IU Sports Complex.. The total area of the auditorium is 5690.17 sq.ft.
The auditorium has professional gear and is equipped with Multimedia facility, surround sound system and internet facility. All conference, convocation, seminars and other forums take place in the newly built ED centre.

Seminar / Workshop Hall

The Seminar/Workshop Hall is situated at the ground floor of the EDC. This room is used for multiple activates such as Academic Bodies’ meetings, Seminars, In-House Trainings and Corporate Trainings/Seminars.


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Facilities available at EDC

The following facilities are provided for internal and external communications:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Internet
  • Presentation facilities
  • Photocopying