Keeping in view the requirements of the student’s Information Resource Centre of the University is having more than 40000 books on different subjects, covering all topics of curriculum, professional and general reading material. Latest editions of the leading text books and reference publications are being continuously added in IRC to meet the HEC, PEC & users’ requirements. The Resource Centre has up-to-date record of Government publications relevant to the curriculum and is one of the best sources of secondary data for educational purposes. We subscribe numerous national and international journals and online databases entitled


These online journals’ sources are widely used all over the globe and it gives access to the more than 10000 online journals. The students can access to these entire online resources through website from university’s IP address. The Library also subscribes IEEE and ACM journals via online as well as in the print format. We also subscribe national and international journals for the students of Business, Engineering, Computer Science and Media Science. English and Urdu dailies with additional copies are available in the Library for the students and the faculty members.
The Resource Centre is also having huge collection of selected Movies for Media Science students in Media IRC Server.
The Library maintains the policy of continuous enhancement and updating its collection through nonstop acquisition of material. We are in a process to provide on-line Library services by using the web base technologies.