Let the Fire Begin!!!!

Groom & Groove Session

When a SMS Class Project became a Memorable Event

What started-off only as a SMS Class Project became a JAMMING-WRAPPING-ROCKING-SINCING event! Something really GROOVY happened at IUNC on 15th December, 2013.
Bonfire, skits, interview-anxiety, public speaking …. and that’s not all, the whole event proved to be huge hands-on learning exercise for SMS students of Ms. Sharmeen this Fall. Performances of our local IUNC underground Bands topped with Young Stunners – Talha Younus and Beat Boxing by Atta shook the audience and took them to new heights.

This overall activity based learning provided an open platform to the students of IUNC to groom their selves in a Groovy manner A WHOLE SMS COURSE IN ACTION Hats off to Sharmeen Jamal and her SMS class for warming up a cold December night.