ID Thesis Course Class Topics
1 Supply Chain Management MBA Integrating ICT with SCM -Pakistan Retail Superstore Industry Perspective
2 Supply Chain Management MBA Implementation of Supply Chain Operating Reference Model in the Manufacturing environment
3 Supply Chain Management MBA Implementation of Supply Chain Operating Reference Model in the FMCG environment
4 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact Of 3pl Outsourcing On The Performance of the company
5 Supply Chain Management MBA Business Process Outsourcing
6 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of ERP Implementation On Working Capital Management
7 Supply Chain Management MBA Strategic Sourcing
8 Supply Chain Management MBA On The Synthesis of SCM technologies: A Pragmatic model for food and personal care products industry in Pakistan
9 Supply Chain Management MBA An Exploratory Approach Towards integration issues between information technology and SCM
10 Supply Chain Management MBA Measuring the Bullwhip effect in the Supply Chain
11 Supply Chain Management MBA Impacts of Risks in SCM
12 Supply Chain Management MBA Is Outsourcing – A Competitive edge for the business today
13 Supply Chain Management MBA Quantifying bullwhip effects and reducing its impact
14 Supply Chain Management MBA Automated supply chain frame work model for mid-sized pharmaceutical firms of Pakistan
15 Supply Chain Management MBA The study of factors affecting the decision making of outsourcing in textile in Pakistan
16 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of organizational culture on the achievement of strategic advantages of ERP in Pakistan
17 Supply Chain Management MBA Relationship between financial performance and logistics performance
18 Supply Chain Management MBA A study of factors which motivate companies to outsource logistics in green supply chain
19 Supply Chain Management MBA Design of an equilibrium model for the supply chain pricing and demand
20 Supply Chain Management MBA Perception and scope of 3PL/4PL in Pakistan
21 Supply Chain Management MBA Role of trust in supplier selection under uncertainty in the automobile industry
22 Supply Chain Management MBA Supplier selection: A managerial dilemma, Pakistani context
23 Supply Chain Management MBA General framework for planning in Supply Chain management equilibrium
24 Supply Chain Management MBA An optimized 3pl criteria for FMCG sector in Pakistan
25 Supply Chain Management MBA Barriers in implementing the ERP in the garment industry
26 Supply Chain Management MBA Karachi Post Trust e-Maintenance System
27 Supply Chain Management MBA Proactive supply chain as a Risk Management strategy in the food industry of Pakistan
28 Supply Chain Management MBA Study of a novel approach to reduce transportation cost and its impact on the overall profitability of the firm
29 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of Information sharing among supplier and retailers on cost and inventory levels
30 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of security and trust on internet purchasing in Pakistan
31 Supply Chain Management MBA A pragmatic supply chain solution for exogenous variability impact
32 Supply Chain Management MBA The logistical factors that impact lead time variability
33 Supply Chain Management MBA Towards securing the supply chains
34 Supply Chain Management MBA RFID: An adaptive solution to dynamic transport optimization
35 Supply Chain Management MBA Measuring bullwhip effect in Pharmaceutical industry
36 Supply Chain Management MBA The impact of supply chain failure on customer satisfaction for packed and processed milk
37 Supply Chain Management MBA A general purpose vendor selection framework for importing industry of Pakistan
38 Supply Chain Management MBA The study of factors affecting the decision making of outsourcing in textile in Pakistan
39 Supply Chain Management MBA An analytical approach towards JIT implementation and its effect on inventory to sales ratio of non-FMCG manufacturing sector
40 Supply Chain Management MBA A pragmatic design and implementation of an indigenous ERP in textile industry of Pakistan
41 Supply Chain Management MBA The study of some deterministic parameters of supply chain performance
42 Supply Chain Management MBA Study of effective distribution network and availability of products at retail outlets
43 Supply Chain Management MBA Dimensioning value chain and discovering performance parameters
44 Supply Chain Management MBA Identification of some critical parameters for cost effective supply chain
45 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of contemporary e-biz practices on global supply chain performance
46 Supply Chain Management MBA Meeting electric supply challengers with wind energy- A broad based study
47 Supply Chain Management MBA Identification of integrated supply chain practices and performance
48 Supply Chain Management MBA A comparative analysis of centralized versus distributed approaches in petroleum production
49 Supply Chain Management MBA Quantitative analysis of commitment level for the supply chain success
50 Supply Chain Management MBA Investigating some critical risk factors in supply chain management
51 Supply Chain Management MBA Quantifying lean manufacturing and its effectiveness in textile industry
52 Supply Chain Management MBA Relational framework, automatic registration and forecast in campus registration supply chain
53 Finance MBA Impact of Privatization on Non-Performing Loans of Banks in Pakistan
54 Finance MBA Risk Assessment And Decision Making In Business and industry
55 Finance MBA Impact of Awareness on the choice of Short-Term Financing ( A Case Study of Yarn Merchants in Karachi)
56 Finance MBA Impact Of Privatization On Profitability & Capital Employment Of Stated owned Enterprises In Pakistan
57 Finance MBA Enterprise Risk Management ( An Essential process for sustainable profit and growth
58 Finance MBA Audit Fee Expense And Size of the company in Pakistan
59 Finance MBA Determinants Of Capital Structure in cement industry of Pakistan
60 Finance MBA Impact Of Gross Loan Portfolio on microfinance value saving comparison between microfinance institutions and microfinance banks
61 Finance MBA Impact of interest rate on stock market
62 Finance MBA A study based on the effects of interest rate (KIBOR) on share price
63 Finance MBA Comparison of micro finance institutions, micro-finance banks and micro finance institutions and development of entrepreneurial skills
64 Finance MBA Empowering women through microfinance
65 Finance MBA Banking and currency crisis causality from banks crises to currency crises
66 Finance MBA Patronage factors of Islamic banking system in Pakistan
67 Finance MBA Analysis of profitability of banks: comparative study of domestic & foreign banks in Pakistan
68 Finance MBA Financial exclusion: market versus self-driven causes
69 Finance MBA A study on the inhibitions experienced by existing and non-existing users towards online banking in Pakistan
70 Finance MBA Correlation study between measures of financial performance of banks in Pakistan
71 Finance MBA Comparative study of credit scoring methods between local and foreign banks of Pakistan
72 Finance MBA Market Interest rate and commercial bank profitability in Pakistan
73 Finance MBA Determinants of Corporate dividend payout policy
74 Finance MBA Effects of Free Cash flow on profitability of firms
75 Finance MBA Fundamentals and stock return: Empirical study of cement industry in Pakistan
76 Finance MBA Relationship between stock prices and rupee dollar parity in Pakistan
77 Finance MBA The relation of credit risk rating with financial ratios in Pakistan
78 Finance MBA Factors influencing individual investor behavior: the case of the Karachi stock exchange
79 Finance MBA Determinant of dividend payout ratio: A study of Pakistani fertilizer sector
80 Finance MBA Fundamentals and stock returns in Pakistan
81 Finance MBA The differential impact of Islamic banking on car loans and house financing through banks in Pakistan
82 Finance MBA A study on relationship between stock market development and economic growth in Pakistan
83 Finance MBA Effects of mergers and acquisition in banking sector of Pakistan
84 Finance MBA Impact of Privatization of banks on profitability
85 Finance MBA The impact of interest rate risk on the profitability of Islamic and conventional banks
86 Finance MBA Relationship between cash flow and capital spending in Pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan
87 Finance MBA Effect of fund size on mutual fund performance
88 Finance MBA Comparison of Financial performance in banking sector
89 Finance MBA Determinants of capital structure: A study of sugar and allied sector of Pakistan
90 Finance MBA Can risk aversion indicators anticipate financial crises?
91 Finance MBA Cash flow and capital spending relationship: evidence from automobile sector
92 Finance MBA Targeting consumer segment: A sustainable growth for mutual funds
93 Finance MBA Relating risk factors with contemporary distribution channels: A Pakistan’s perspective
94 Finance MBA Impact of Privatization on profitability and efficiency of banks in Pakistan
95 Finance MBA Money supply chain and stock prices
96 Finance MBA A comparative study between micro-finance banks, micro-finance institutions and rural support programs in creating self-employment in Pakistan
97 Finance MBA Validating of CAPM in predicting stock prices at KSE
98 Finance MBA Fundamental variables and stock return: evidence from sugar and allied sector of Pakistan
99 Finance MBA Which is better indicator of stock returns ? Sales price, debt equity, book market or firm size
100 Finance MBA Mutual fund characteristics and its performance in Pakistan
101 Finance MBA Debt and Equity choice for funds
102 Finance MBA Capital Investment & stock return
103 Finance MBA To study he relationship between price earning ratio and return on investment
104 Finance MBA A test of price earning ratio to predict future growths
105 Finance MBA Factors affect on the dividend payout ratio (sugar industry)
106 Finance MBA To study relationship between price earning ratio and growth
107 Finance MBA Relationship between market factors and stock returns of sugar and allied industries of Pakistan
108 Finance MBA To investigate the association between dividend change and company’s earning in chemical industry of Pakistan
109 Finance MBA Determinants of Capital structure in automobile sector of Pakistan
110 Finance MBA Fund size and indicator of performance measurement for fixed income mutual fund
111 Finance MBA Factors that lead to investment in mutual funds
112 Finance MBA Predicting stock price via dividend discount model a study over cement sector
113 Finance MBA Impact of macro-economic variables on stock sector of Pakistan
114 Finance MBA Performance evaluation of mutual funds in Pakistan
115 Finance MBA Comparison between sales price, debt-equity and book market value of equity in analyzing stock returns
116 Finance MBA Relationship between Cash flow and investment spending in textile industry
117 Finance MBA A Test of Price earning ratio to predict growth
118 Finance MBA Effects of free cash flow on investment of firms
119 Finance MBA An empirical Analysis of Long-run performance of IPO’s in Pakistan
120 Finance MBA Financial Leverage and Investment policy
121 Finance MBA Composition of board of directors and its impact on firm performance
122 Finance MBA Impact of taxation on firm’s dividend payout/ratio
123 Finance MBA Customer satisfaction in Ijara financing
124 Finance MBA Impact of acquisitions and mergers on firm performance in FMCG sectors
125 Finance MBA Share price volatility explicated by fundamentals
126 Finance MBA Stock price and economic variables ( Interest rate, inflation and GDP)
127 Finance MBA Determinants of P/E Ratio
128 Finance MBA Impact of capital structure on profitability
129 Finance MBA Impact of interest rate changes on bank’s profitability
130 Finance MBA Relationship of stock market returns and rate of inflation
131 Finance MBA Dividend policy and stock price volatility
132 Finance MBA Determinants of capital structure in case of Pharmaceutical sector
133 Finance MBA The impact of leverage on stock return
134 Finance MBA Fundamentals that predict the mutual fund, performance case of Pakistan
135 Finance MBA Effect of different characteristics that leads to mergers & acquisitions
136 Finance MBA Factors effecting leverage in Pakistani Textile industry
137 Finance MBA Effects of liquidity crisis on bank’s profitability
138 Finance MBA Relationship between free cash flows and investment in cement sector of Pakistan
139 Finance MBA Impact of working capital on firm’s profitability study of textile sector of Pakistan.
140 Finance MBA The Relationship between corporate strategy and capital structure
141 Finance MBA Is CAPM a valid predictor of stock prices of KSE?
142 Finance MBA Assessing the profitability determinants of Islamic banking in Pakistan
143 Finance MBA Turnover as predictor of inflation
144 Finance MBA Impact of dividend on investment decision
145 Finance MBA Relationship b/w Assets & liabilities in balance sheet
146 Finance MBA Impact of fiscal policy on economy of Pakistan
147 Finance MBA Determinants of bond market capitalization in Pakistan
148 Finance MBA Relationship between CPI and bond price
149 Finance MBA Determinants of Capital structure in chemical industry in Pakistan
150 Finance MBA Determinants of Financial development
151 Finance MBA Impact of privatization on Telecom
152 Finance MBA Impact of corporate social responsibility on firm’s financial performance
153 Finance MBA Effect of mutual fund managers human capital on their portfolio performance and risk
154 Finance MBA Determinants of CEO compensation: An empirical study on KSE 100 index companies
155 Finance MBA Microfinance Banks Performing more than Microfinance Institutions in Uplifting Poverty in Pakistan
156 Finance MBA Affect Of Investment Style On Mutual Fund Performance
157 Finance MBA Impact Of Taxation On Financial Services Business Location Decisions
158 Finance MBA Ramadan effect on Karachi stock market
159 Finance MBA Effect of gross domestic product on commercial bank’s profitability in Pakistan
160 Finance MBA Effect of inflation rate on banks profitability
161 Finance MBA Impact of government subsidy on foreign exchange with respect to import of fertilizers
162 Finance MBA Difference between overall efficiency results of conventional and Islamic banks
163 Finance MBA Influence of inflation corporate financing discussion of firms
164 Finance MBA Impact of capital structure on banks performance
165 Finance MBA Impact of expense ratio on Mutual Fund Returns
166 Finance MBA The impact of interest rate and CPI on consumer lending
167 Finance MBA Impact of privatization on the profitability of banks
168 Finance MBA Impact of liquidity on market capitalization
169 Finance MBA Rate and size of T-bill determinants of KIBOR
170 Finance MBA Impact of economics indicators on loans to private sector
171 Finance MBA Increase in stock prices due to increase in Foreign Investment in Pakistan
172 Finance MBA Impact of taxes on corporate dividend policy
173 Finance MBA The impact of crude oil price on KSE_100 index
174 Finance MBA Impact of dividend policy on shareholder’s wealth
175 Finance MBA Impact of liquidity ratios on profitability
176 Finance MBA Role of stock market in economy
177 Finance MBA Macro economic determinant of stock return study on cement & textile sector of Pakistan
178 Finance MBA Impact of activity ratios on profitability in the power and energy sector of Pakistan
179 Finance MBA On incorporating entity’s, turnover, inflation of minimum stipend fees in Pakistani market before & after implementation of ATR-14 by ICAP
180 Finance MBA Role of inflation and factors affecting the inflation in current scenario of Pakistan (Determinants of Inflation)
181 Finance MBA Impact of inflation and interest rate on investment: Evidence from textile sector of Pakistan
182 Finance MBA Maturity Structure of firm’s assets and liabilities
183 Finance MBA Mutual fund performance evaluation (Islamic funds perspective). A market benchmark (KSE_100) comparison
184 Finance MBA The impact of financial ratios and financing constraints on a firm
185 Finance MBA Factors affecting corporate liquidity
186 Finance MBA Impact of stock market volatility on equity premium
187 Finance MBA Factors explaining the bank profitability
188 Finance MBA Impact of liquidity on fixed investment
189 Finance MBA Impact of interest rate on deposit and lending rates
190 Finance MBA A comparative study of price volatility of shares listed in stick exchange before and after the setup and removal of floor
191 Finance MBA Affects of taxes of financing decisions on firm value
192 Finance MBA Intensive bank relationship and firm performance
193 Finance MBA Affect of public debt on GDP and exchange rate
194 Finance MBA Impact of discount rate changes on stock market return
195 Finance MBA Relationship between capital structure and firms performance
196 Finance MBA Small business(Shop keeper) avoid taking loans from banks in Pakistan when extra funds needed
197 Finance MBA Performance of IPO’s in short-run and long-run on KSE. A comparative study
198 Finance MBA Impact of Debt capacity on firm’s growth
199 Finance MBA Impact of Financial Variables on systematic risk of common stocks: An empirical evidence from firms listed on KSE
200 Finance MBA Seasonal Anomalies in KSE
201 Finance MBA Relationship between investment and stock returns
202 Finance MBA An insight of banker’s on Islamic banking in Pakistan
203 Finance MBA The impact of oil price changes on industry stock returns in Pakistan. A comparative Analysis
204 Finance MBA Impact of exchange rate on foreign direct investment in Pakistan
205 Finance MBA Impact of electronic system on liquidity
206 Finance MBA The effect of money supply and CPI on interest rate- A study of Pakistani Market
207 Finance MBA The effect of degree of financial leverage and degree of operating leverage on the systematic risk of common stock
208 Finance MBA Change in rate of deposit and its effect on bank deposit in Pakistan
209 Finance MBA Effect of credit rating on capital structure. Study on non-financial firms listed in from 2005-2009 Pakistan
210 Finance MBA Impact of capital on banks earning
211 Finance MBA The impact of exchange rate on inflation in Pakistan
212 Finance MBA To study the impact of inflation on gini coefficient in Pakistan
213 Finance MBA Impact of inflation on poverty in Pakistan
214 Finance MBA Impact of inflation on FDI in Pakistan
215 Finance MBA Impact of inflation on the production crop and manufacturer goods
216 Finance MBA Impact of education on unemployment rate
217 Finance MBA The impact of education on unequal income distribution in Pakistan
218 Finance MBA Trend of i-spread in Pakistan
219 Finance MBA Impact of inflation and real wages on labour productivity
220 Finance MBA Impact of monetary policy on inflation
221 Marketing MBA The Effects of Pharmaceutical Dispensing pattern on consumer store patronage
222 Marketing MBA Table turnover augmentation: variables affecting the time spent in dining experience
223 Marketing MBA Perceptions of Service quality in Iqra Univeristy library
224 Marketing MBA A comparative study on application of advertising through cell phone framework among various types of goods and services
225 Marketing MBA Market entry strategy in an emerging market using ‘Country of Origin’ information
226 Marketing MBA Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty: A study of packaged milk brands
227 Marketing MBA Characteristics of customer loyalty: Impact of brand image or product characteristics/attributes- A study of packaged milk brands
228 Marketing MBA Effect of self-placement of habitual buying products on their sales
229 Marketing MBA Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores in Pakistan
230 Marketing MBA Consumer response towards country of origin (experiment) comparison between higher involvement and lower involvement products
231 Marketing MBA Relationship Between Website Attributes and Customer Satisfaction: A Study of E-Commerce Systems in Karachi
232 Marketing MBA Customer Delight in banking
233 Marketing MBA To identify service quality gaps in banking sector: A comparative study of local & foreign banks
234 Marketing MBA Effects of occupational status on women food buying and cooking behavior
235 Marketing MBA Effects of employee smiling on customer satisfaction with the transaction in banks and cellular industry of Pakistan
236 Marketing MBA Effects of gender on family buying decision
237 Marketing MBA Effects of recession on consumer buying behavior
238 Marketing MBA Factors effecting positive and negative word of mouth in restaurant industry
239 Marketing MBA The effect of brand image on consumer taste preference
240 Marketing MBA The effect of recession on advertising
241 Marketing MBA Effects of recession on promotional activities
242 Marketing MBA Factors effecting level of impulse buying
243 Marketing MBA Effect of technology change on information seeking habits of individuals
244 Marketing MBA Effects of product and consumer characteristics on free sample trial/usage
245 Marketing MBA Consumer responses to unethical retailer behavior
246 Marketing MBA Relationship b/w consumers internal usage practices and awareness to internal advertising
247 Marketing MBA Effects of consumer response to in store promotion on brand image and purchase intention
248 Marketing MBA Attitude of people in different roles towards direct marketing
249 Marketing MBA The impact of counterfeit brands on consumers acceptance of original brands
250 Marketing MBA The effects of product, market & organizational characteristics on market research practices.
251 Marketing MBA A comparative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of licensed software
252 Marketing MBA Affect of deceptive advertising on consumer loyalty in telecom sector
253 Marketing MBA Factors affecting educationist /scientist response to patent registration
254 Marketing MBA Consumer awareness and usage of E-banking transactions through mobile phones
255 Marketing MBA The effects of Advertising research practices on the advertising performance of companies
256 Marketing MBA Impact of performance commitment on customer’s evaluation of product quality.
257 Marketing MBA Relationship between packaging characteristics and consumer brand preference.
258 Marketing MBA Relationship between marketing research, customer knowledge and company sales
259 Marketing MBA Effect of Product Innovativeness and trial ability on new product adoption
260 Marketing MBA Relationship between corporate image and mobile phone advertising
261 Marketing MBA Shelf Spacing competition: A comparative analysis of local and international brand
262 Marketing MBA Finding the Impact of Opinion Leadership on consumer buying decision with respect to high and low involvement product categories
263 Marketing MBA A Consumer decision making model in the automobile industry of Pakistan
264 Marketing MBA Factors behind brand switching in the telecom industry
265 Marketing MBA Consumer Purchase Behavior in Out-of-Stock situations at retail outlets
266 Marketing MBA Understanding consumer response towards sales promotion in the fast food industry
267 Marketing MBA Factors influencing customer satisfaction in health care services
268 Marketing MBA Impact of Congruity between self-concept and brand image on brand preference in the automobile industry
269 Marketing MBA The Impact of brand extension on brand personality
270 Marketing MBA The impact of personal involvement on store brand selection
271 Marketing MBA A Four dimensional approach to attitude measurement
272 Marketing MBA Sustainable competitive advantages in hospital industry
273 Marketing MBA Customers’ Evaluation of Perceived value of service rendered by physician consultant
274 Marketing MBA Studying Consumer reactions to the Von Restorff effect
275 Marketing MBA Effect of personal & personality characteristics on sales performance
276 Marketing MBA Effectiveness of utility bill as promotion medium (a comparative study between ) company and consumer)
277 Marketing MBA The Revival of Radio Advertising in Pakistan: A comparative study of advertiser and consumer
278 Marketing MBA The effect of corporate characteristic on the choice of CSR
279 Marketing MBA Relationship between organization characteristic and organization response to Gray market
280 Marketing MBA The effect of consumer travel characteristic and billboard characteristics on consumer response to billboard advertising
281 Marketing MBA A study of waste management and recycling in Pakistan
282 Marketing MBA The effects of publicity source characteristics on consumer belief
283 Marketing MBA The effects of search engine optimization on marketing performance of the companies
284 Marketing MBA Impact of Parent brand image on the brand extension of the firm
285 Marketing MBA Impact of nutritional labeling on the consumer buying behavior
286 Marketing MBA Impact of Celebrity endorsement and event sponsorship on pre-purchase evaluation
287 Marketing MBA Impact of communication on service brand evaluation
288 Marketing MBA Factors affecting compulsive buying behavior in credit card consumer’
289 Marketing MBA The effects of consumer environmental consciousness and environmental friendliness on brand preference
290 Marketing MBA Factors influencing customer retention in hotels
291 Marketing MBA The impact of different sales promotion tactics on consumer of GSM networks in terms of usage
292 Marketing MBA Effect of in-store shelf spacing on Purchase intent
293 Marketing MBA Role of outdoor advertising in bringing awareness & developing perception for social Causes
294 Marketing MBA Factors behind use of plastic money in Pakistan: A study of consumer behavior
295 Marketing MBA To evaluate the packaging variables and their impact on consumer preference in soft drink
296 Marketing MBA A Study on relationship between advertising, word of mouth and experiential perspective with respect to purchase intent
297 Marketing MBA The impact of customer expectation service on gender basis
298 Marketing MBA The Impact of fashion involvement and hedonistic consumption tendency on buying behavior
299 Marketing MBA Impact of mood on Brand Recall & Attitude of brand placement in television program
300 Marketing MBA The effect of customer relationship management on customer retention
301 Marketing MBA The relationship between dining attributes customer satisfaction and customers patronage intention in restaurants
302 Marketing MBA Relationship between store image and consumer preferences towards store brand
303 Marketing MBA A Study on consumer purchase intention with respect to objectives attributes and subjective dimensions in retail outlets
304 Marketing MBA Consumer Buying Behavior in Shopping stores: impact of store dimensions and Demographics
305 Marketing MBA Brand awareness and brand attitude as the predictors of market share
306 Marketing MBA Impact of advertising and price sensitivity and consumer buying behavior and consumer buying behavior
307 Marketing MBA A study on consumer spending via credit cards
308 Marketing MBA Finding endogenity when consumer demographics , psychographics and product characteristics explaining consumer complaint behavior
309 Marketing MBA Effectiveness of integrated marketing communication with respect to consumer attitude towards brand
310 Marketing MBA Influence of humor advertising on consumer brand perception
311 Marketing MBA An association between Advertising messages & content and the response of the children
312 Marketing MBA An application of Two stage least square model for explaining advertising as a mediator for attitude and brand choice
313 Marketing MBA The impact of marketing activities on the sales of pharmaceutical companies
314 Marketing MBA Customer relationship management and services marketing: identifying the source of competitive advantage using RBV theory
315 Marketing MBA To study the relationship between managerial perceived effectiveness of teaser campaigns and its strategic implementation
316 Marketing MBA To study the effects of housewife quality perception of ready to cook meal on their preference to use
317 Marketing MBA To study the effects of offensive images & texts on ad recall, brand recall & brand image
318 Marketing MBA To study the effects of brand relevance strategies on brand share and brand sales
319 Marketing MBA To study the effect of branded ingredients on consumer perception
320 Marketing MBA To study the effects of sales man personality on brand image and brand sales at various stages of brand life cycle
321 Marketing MBA To study the managerial perception on the importance of corporate signage and its impact on its implementation
322 Marketing MBA To study the effects of sales person support to customer on sales of read-made garments
323 Marketing MBA The effects of utilitarian, ego-defensive, value expressive and knowledge function on consumer decision making.
324 Marketing MBA To study the effects of managerial perception on implications of multinational brands strategy on its implementation
325 Marketing MBA To study the impact of ad quality and program involvement on consumer zapping behavior
326 Marketing MBA To study the effects of consumer characteristics, product characteristics and market characteristics on manager’s choice of selecting an advertising appeal
327 Marketing MBA To study the relationship between consumer knowledge of Islamic banking and consumer product endorsement
328 Marketing MBA To study the impact of scarcity and authenticity of research data on effective marketing decision making
329 Marketing MBA To study the effects of Sales force turnover on corporate image
330 Marketing MBA Culturally relevant music in electronic advertising
331 Marketing MBA To study the effect of extended brand name on brand identity and recall
332 Marketing MBA To study the effect of customer loyalty status and brand characteristics on brand recommendation
333 Marketing MBA To study the relationship between product characteristics and choice of exhibition Participation
334 Marketing MBA To study the impact of customer steps on waiters salaries and job retention
335 Marketing MBA A comparative study between private and own labeling in textile industry
336 Marketing MBA The effects of new product development strategies on consumer brand perception and Preference
337 Marketing MBA To study the consumer dealer service perception on consumer dealer choice
338 Marketing MBA Impact of word of mouth marketing on service selection preference
339 Marketing MBA To study the impact of commercialization on quality of higher education
340 Marketing MBA A study on the factors affecting success or failure of products at the time of re-launch
341 Marketing MBA Conflict between distribution channel due to modern retailing
342 Marketing MBA A comparative study on sales-oriented and customer-oriented business approaches at telecommunication sector
343 Marketing MBA The effect of high concrete brand name on brand recall
344 Marketing MBA Reasons for non-consideration of brands
345 Marketing MBA Influence of price promotions on internal and external reference prices of consumers
346 Marketing MBA A study of factors influencing consumer buying decision for car engine oils in Karachi
347 Marketing MBA Relationship between internal marketing, service quality and customer satisfaction
348 Marketing MBA Effects of publicity on consumer perception in showbiz industry
349 Marketing MBA Effectiveness of 15-30 seconds advertisements on recognition and brand recall
350 Marketing MBA Effect of corporate web portal on consumer perception towards the company
351 Marketing MBA How CSR efforts effect brand perception
352 Marketing MBA A study on relationship by retailer and its impact on store loyalty
353 Marketing MBA Consumers perception in competitive advertising
354 Marketing MBA A relationship between delays and evaluations of service and its impact on consumer satisfaction
355 Marketing MBA The effects of retention strategies on employ morale and productivity
356 Marketing MBA Impact of services quality and perceived value on behavior intentions of consumers in hospitals
357 Marketing MBA Self-concept, brand personality and its impact on brand choice
358 Marketing MBA Impact of demographics on fashion consciousness
359 Marketing MBA Effect of stress on impulse buying behavior
360 Marketing MBA Factors effecting consumer satisfaction in paint industry
361 Marketing MBA Factors effecting credibility of television news channels
362 Marketing MBA Effects of relationship marketing on consumer satisfaction and retention in life insurance industry
363 Marketing MBA Consumer perception of subliminal advertising (attention and retention of consumers for subliminal advertising)
364 Marketing MBA The affects of corporate response to defective products in consumer electronics on customer satisfaction
365 Marketing MBA Impact of higher sales discount on perceived quality, brand loyalty and buying decision of the product by customer
366 Marketing MBA Impact of in-store display on sales ( A comparative study between new and mature product)
367 Marketing MBA A study on purchase and repeat purchase intention due to brand recall
368 Human Resource Management MBA A study on the perceptual relationship between overtime and output
369 Human Resource Management MBA A study on the effect of locus of control on academic performance of the students at tertiary level
370 Human Resource Management MBA Research on the effect of non-monetary factors on employee retention in the banking sector of Pakistan
371 Human Resource Management MBA To investigate the effect of board composition on firm performance: evidence from corporate boards in Pakistan
372 Human Resource Management MBA To study the perception of employees about performance appraisal effectiveness and its impact on the employee motivation
373 Human Resource Management MBA The effect of supervisory behavior on sales force satisfaction & turnover intention in pharmaceuticals companies
374 Human Resource Management MBA Effect of communication during an acquisition on employees behavioral outcomes
375 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of mentoring on career success
376 Human Resource Management MBA Factors considered by individuals when selecting an organization to give charity
377 Human Resource Management MBA Employee Fairness perception and its effect on their motivational level and turnover retention
378 Human Resource Management MBA Participation decision making and job satisfaction
379 Human Resource Management MBA The Impact of human resource management practices on employee commitment and turnover intent
380 Human Resource Management MBA The organization’s perceived awareness and importance of procurement and its impact on procurement implementation
381 Human Resource Management MBA Employee awareness with HR Policy and its impact on job satisfaction
382 Human Resource Management MBA Effective of managerial functions on the level of satisfaction of employees
383 Human Resource Management MBA How organizational image effects employees attitude
384 Human Resource Management MBA The effect of Job characteristics on Job Satisfaction and organizational commitment
385 Human Resource Management MBA Awareness of Employees about their actual compensation and its impact on their motivation
386 Human Resource Management MBA The effects of succession planning on employee retention
387 Human Resource Management MBA Transparent reward system and its impact on motivation: A study of employees of private sector university hospitals in Khi, PK
388 Human Resource Management MBA Comparison between the performance of professionally developed and undeveloped teachers: A study of public sector secondary schools of Baluchistan
389 Human Resource Management MBA Job related ambiguity and their consequences upon job satisfaction and performance on national organizations of Pakistan
390 Human Resource Management MBA Study of relationships between self-regulations and intrinsic motivations on stress level
391 Human Resource Management MBA Determining the effect of Organization owner-ship and level of employees on on stress level
392 Human Resource Management MBA Relationship between organizational structure and employee’s work content in the private sector of Karachi
393 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of organization evaluation tools on business performance
394 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of organizational climate on job satisfaction
395 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of diversity and conflict on performance
396 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of work values on organizational commitment of older professionals
397 Human Resource Management MBA Gender discrimination in delegating task by managers
398 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of non-monetary compensations on employees performance
399 Human Resource Management MBA The Impact of E-recruitment in HRM effectiveness
400 Human Resource Management MBA Perception of Employees regarding formal and informal training and their impact on potential performance/growth in Banking sector
401 Human Resource Management MBA Academic background of managers and their effectiveness: services, roles & contributions
402 Human Resource Management MBA Job satisfaction causes the organizational commitment- An econometrical analysis
403 Human Resource Management MBA Labor market hypothesis ‘Impact of wage rate on quit rate
404 Human Resource Management MBA Sexual harassment against women at workplaces and its impact on their motivation
405 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of gender on supervisor-supervisor relationship
406 Human Resource Management MBA To Study The Impact Of Self Worth On Student Academic Performance At University Level
407 Human Resource Management MBA Organization Culture Change And Its Effect On employee Motivation (A Transition Of The Banking Sector Of Pakistan)
408 Human Resource Management MBA Assessing The Impact Of Information Technology On Firm Performance With Respect To Organizational Structure As An Intervening Variable: A Study Of Pharmaceutical Industry Of Karachi.
409 Human Resource Management MBA To analyze the effects of organizational response to employee acceptability of change on the employee motivation
410 Human Resource Management MBA Comparison of perception of employees and supervisors on the outcomes of counseling on employee’s performance
411 Human Resource Management MBA To study the effects of managerial developments strategies of star-sales-persons on their performance as a sales supervisor.
412 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of Law and Order on domestic tourism of Pakistan
413 Human Resource Management MBA Organizational job rotation practices
414 Human Resource Management MBA To study the effect of organizational team building efforts on employees morale, job retention and work environment
415 Human Resource Management MBA Effects of training the trainer on training outcome
416 Human Resource Management MBA Employees adaptability towards new job positions with knowledge management Strategies
417 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of employee performance recognition techniques on customer satisfaction in restaurant industry
418 Human Resource Management MBA To study the similarity in training outcomes expectation of employee and employer and its impact on employees post training satisfaction
419 Human Resource Management MBA The impact of flexible working hours on employee performance, work life conflict and work pressure
420 Human Resource Management MBA To study the effects of reinstating of employees in organization
421 Human Resource Management MBA Effects of fun at workplace and employee morale and productivity and job satisfaction
422 Economics MBA Impact of remittances on economic growth of Pakistan
423 Economics MBA Impact of international oil prices on the local oil sector
424 Economics MBA Impact of number of borrowers on amount outstanding in farm and non- farm sector
425 Economics MBA Influence of macroeconomic factors on KSE-100 index
426 Economics MBA Determinants of export performance in textile industries of Pakistan
427 Economics MBA The impact of Macroeconomic indicators of GDP in Pakistan
428 Economics MBA Effect of environmental factors and firm’s internal factor on export performance textile industry of Pakistan
429 Economics MBA Determinants of export financial performance
430 Economics MBA Discovering the factors that effect the decision making of farmers to go for decision making of farmers alternate crops of sugarcane
431 Economics MBA Impact of trade restriction on price stability of textile industry of Pakistan
432 Economics MBA The effect of oil price on inflation
433 Economics MBA Relationship between consumer price index (CPI) and KSE-100 index trading volume
434 Economics MBA Relationship between inflation rate and Economic growth rate of Pakistan
435 Economics MBA Determinants of bank profitability in Pakistan
436 Economics MBA Determinants of audit fee
437 Economics MBA Weekend effect on stock relation: evidence from KSE-100 index
438 Economics MBA Effects of holidays on stock return: evidence 100-Kse Index
439 Economics MBA Impact of FDI on GDP growth
440 Economics MBA Impact of inflation on interest rates
441 Economics MBA The determinants of exchanging rates in Pakistan
442 Economics MBA Surviving Exchange rate upheavals
443 Economics MBA Are forward exchange rate optimal indicator of future spot exchange rate in Pakistan: A dollar rupee case
444 Economics MBA The relationship of money supply in M-2 and trading volume by KSE-100 index
445 Economics MBA The impact of government policies on freight forwarding industry in Pakistan
446 Economics MBA Problems faced by small medium enterprise to be internationalize
447 Economics MBA The impact of macro-economic factors on stock market index of Pakistan
448 Economics MBA Impact of Interest rate, inflation rate and exchange on KSE performance
449 Economics MBA Relationship between macro-economic (cpi and wpi and KSE-100 index)
450 Economics MBA Agricultural development and trade policy; Analysis and implications
451 Economics MBA Impact of taxes on unemployment
452 Economics MBA Impact of foreign aid on the economy of Pakistan
453 Economics MBA The impact of inflation on farm food prices
454 Economics MBA Impact of labor, cost of production and technology on the performance of textiles industry in Pakistan
455 Economics MBA Impact of monetary policy on GDP of Pakistan
456 Economics MBA Effect of FDI on the employment level in Pakistan
457 Economics MBA Impact of financial development on economic growth of Pakistan
458 Economics MBA Devaluation is not fruitful for Pakistan
459 Economics MBA Impact of Foreign direct investment and growth in Pakistan
460 Economics MBA Factors Affecting Trade Volume the Study Of Asian Developing Economics
461 Economics MBA Structure and performance of economy in Pakistan( Comparative study between democratic and non-democratic government)
462 Finance BBA Effect of international oil price changes on stock returns
463 Human Resource Management BBA The effects of employee supervisor relations and workload on job stress and employee performance
464 Marketing BBA The effects of parent’s characteristics on their acceptance of child influence on purchasing decision: a study on correlation between parental buying decision and children influence
465 Human Resource Management BBA The impact of managerial intelligence and leadership styles on employee’s job satisfaction
466 Marketing BBA To study the effects of marketing practices of edible oil manufacturers on consumer brand preference: A srudy of cooking oil companies in Karachi
467 Finance BBA Firm characteristics on level of bank financing (A study of small medium enterprises relationship with banks in Karachi Pakistan)
468 Marketing BBA Impact of Animated advertisement of children attitude and their buying preferences
469 Human Resource Management BBA The effect of job environment on employee satisfaction
470 Marketing BBA The effects of consumer demographics and psychographics on likeliness and message comprehension for the advertising
471 Human Resource Management BBA To study the effect of employees satisfaction with HRD practices on their job retention
472 Marketing BBA Impact of banner size and language on banner recall and CTR
473 Marketing BBA The influence of brand variants on brand preference
474 Marketing BBA Consumer perception about captive product pricing and its effect on brand preference
475 Marketing BBA Effect of marketing strategy clarity between bran and sales managers on brand sales
476 Marketing BBA Relationship between organizational characterstics, market characterstics and organizational use of pricing as a competitive tool
477 Human Resource Management BBA Effects of organizational recreational activities on employees’ motivation and Job retentions
478 Marketing BBA Effect of demographic and psychographic characteristics on on consumer’s acceptance of advertising claims
479 Marketing BBA Effect of consumer characteristics on consumers’ reaction towards negative brand publicity
480 Human Resource Management BBA Effect of compensation and promotions of new employees on the motivation level of old employees
481 Finance BBA Effect of automobile financing schemes on consumers brand preference and brand sales
482 Marketing BBA Effect of Gender of the sales person on consumers’ purchase pattern
483 Marketing BBA Effect of organizational strategies of planned product obsolesence on the brand sales and consumer brand preference
484 Marketing BBA Effect of jingle based adds on consumer brand preference, Ad preference, brand recall and ad recall
485 Finance BBA Effect of financial and operating leverage on firm profitability
486 Marketing BBA Effect of managers’ personal and organizational characteristics on choice of ambient advertising
487 Finance BBA Waste management in non production departments and firm profitability
488 Marketing BBA Effect of heroic brand presentation on childrens’ brand preference
489 Finance BBA Capital structure and equity liquidity
490 Finance BBA To study the impact of promotion in pharmaceutical sales
491 Marketing MBA The effect of price war on customer retention in telecommunication industry of Pakistan.
492 Marketing MBA Selection criteria of students for MBA university.
493 Marketing MBA Study of Factor effecting buying decision of music system.
494 Economics MBA Impact of inflation on share prices of tobacco industry.
495 Marketing MBA The effect of consumer trust in online shopping.
496 Marketing MBA Indentifying cross selling opportunities using life style segmentation and survival analysis.
497 Economics MBA Impact of economic factors on low cost TV advertisement.
498 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of long working hours on stress level of employees.
499 Marketing MBA To study the relationship between brand building efforts and the preformance of SME’s.
500 International Business MBA An association between infrastructure and reforms at agriculture sector (case study on agriculture sector).
501 Finance MBA Financial Analysis of Atlas Honda Ltd.
502 Human Resource Management MBA 360 Degree feedback organization climate.
503 Finance MBA Impact of Investor’s Financial literacy on portfolio diversification.
504 Marketing MBA Role of Fragrance in Brand recognition.
505 Economics MBA Economy before & after earthquake 2005.
506 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of politicking in organization productivity of employees.
507 Finance MBA Financial crises in KESC and its impact on energy production by KESC.
508 International Business MBA Politics in university of Pakistan.
509 Finance MBA Impact of employee union on company financial performance.
510 Human Resource Management MBA Trends :& comparison of labor wages in different industries of Pakista.
511 Finance MBA Financial Analysis & performance evaluation of financial institute using ratios.
512 Finance MBA Trend of Mutual fund in NIT.
513 International Business MBA Association between remittances and political conditions of Pakistan.
514 Finance MBA The effect of financial ratios & firm size on stock return on the listed companies of chemical industry.
515 Marketing MBA Performance analysis of Top 5 brands in Pakistan.
516 Economics MBA Impact of monitory policy on exchange rates.
517 Finance MBA Present statistics of financial ratios can predict the future statistics of financial ratio Meeza Bank.
518 Economics MBA Gap between power production and power consumption of KESC.
519 Finance MBA Trend of financial performance in financial institutions of Pakistan.
520 Economics MBA Auto correlation forecast the future or not?
521 Finance MBA Determinants of capital structure in Oil & Gas industry of Pakistan.
522 Economics MBA Auto correlation in economic indicators before and after natural disaster.
523 Economics MBA There is a association between Gold prices and Oil prices.
524 Economics MBA Cross correlation between Gold price fluctuation & exchage rate.
525 International Business MBA Distance Matters! An evidence from English premier League.
526 Economics MBA To study the impact of inflation on domestic production of textile industry.
527 Economics MBA Comparision between the Pre-Musharraf and Musharraf regime in relation with the economic conditions.
528 Finance MBA Do sales price and debt equit explain stock returns better than book market and firm size?
529 Economics MBA To study Autocorrelation in Trade Deficit, a pridict for future.
530 Finance MBA Impact of investor’s attitude and behavior towards risk and potential returns.
531 Finance MBA Government Expenditure causes the revenue generation by Government taxation.
532 International Business MBA Energy consumption before & during dictatorship.
533 Economics MBA Friends of Pakistan are Loli-pop or the real.
534 Human Resource Management MBA Discrepency between job description and actual work requirement and its impact on employee motivation.
535 Human Resource Management MBA Software Licensing at workplace: Influence of IT professionals’ Ethical framework and organizational culture in decision making.
536 Marketing MBA To Study the impact of commercialization on Quality of higher Education Sector in Karachi
537 Finance MBA Impact of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions on Bank Performance
538 Finance MBA Dynamic linkages between Karachi and International Stock Markets
539 Finance MBA Empirical analysis of stock returns and volatility of Asian stock markets and mature stock markets
540 Finance MBA Do Budget Deficit lead to Inflation?
541 Finance MBA The relationship between firm investment and financial status
542 Finance MBA Do cash flows from operations (CFFO) lead to more predictions of failed companies
543 Finance MBA A Comparative analysis on operating and financial performance before and after privatization
544 Finance MBA Relationship between corporate governance indiators and firm value: A case study of Karachi Stock Exchange
545 Finance MBA Bank-specific, Industry-specific and macro economic determinants of interest spread in Pakistan
546 Finance MBA Liquidity and Stock Return
547 Finance MBA Ownership Structure and Firm Value
548 Finance MBA Impact of volatility in government borrowing on inflation in Pakistan
549 Finance MBA Predicting future cash flow through earnings and cash flows
550 Finance MBA The impact of Capital Structure on stock price of Textile Public sector
551 Finance MBA Relationship between Ownership structure and capital structure
552 Finance MBA Impact of Weather on Stock Market Returns
553 Finance MBA Determinants of Mutual Fund growth in Pakistan
554 Finance MBA Stock Return, Money Supply and the direction of Causality
555 Finance MBA Impact of Oil Price on the real GDP of Pakistan
556 Finance MBA Impact of Corporate Governance on Capital Investment Decision
557 Finance MBA Impact of portfolio diversification on Banks’ Return
558 Finance MBA Impact of Diversification on Firms’ Performance
559 Finance MBA The determinants of debt maturity structure in Pakistan
560 Finance MBA Determinants of Cash Holding: Evidence from Paksitan Automobile Sector
561 Finance MBA Relationship between agency cost and managerial equity ownership: Evidence of the firm which are listed under thhe Karachi Stock Exchange
562 Finance MBA The impact of Cash conversion cycle on profitability (A comparative study on cement, sugar and auto sector of Pakistan
563 Finance MBA Loan Repayment flexibility and Default
564 Finance MPHILL Uncertainity and Role of Insurance
565 Finance MBA Factors that effect decisions of financial managers regarding dividend policy in non financial firms of KSE 100
566 Finance MBA The Relationship between different leverage ratio and company specific factors
567 Finance MBA Relationship between CEO compensation and firm’s performance
568 Finance MBA Determinants of Audit Committee Independence
569 Finance MBA Impact of energy crises over economic growth
570 Finance MBA Relationship between export and economic growth of Pakistan
571 Finance MBA Performance of Commercial Bank of Pakistan Empirical Evaluation of Commercial Banks before Nationalization, During Nationalization Period and After Denationalization
572 Finance MBA The dynamic relationship between stock returns and trading volume: Evidence from Karachi Stock Market
573 Finance MBA Testing the evidence on weak form EMH at Pakistan Stock Market
574 Finance MBA Impact of Fiscal Deficit on Interest Rate
575 Finance MBA The determinants of Capital structure in Oil and Gas Sector
576 Finance MBA Customer satisfaction towards services provided by Business to Business Portals
577 Finance MBA Macroeconomic variables and their affect on financial market
578 Finance MBA Evaluating Firms Performance before and after merger: An analysis of mergers in Pakistan
579 Finance MBA Relationship between Government Expenditure and Government Revenues
580 Finance MBA Working capital management in Pakistani Textile Sector: A comparative Study
581 Finance MBA Performance of Financial Service Sector in Pakistan
582 Finance MBA Management’s Ownership and corporate liquidity policy
583 Finance MBA Relationship of financial leverage with liquidity and profit ability: A study on Textile Sector of Paksitan
584 Finance MBA Impact of Non Performing loan on Bank Profitibility
585 Finance MBA Prediction of corporate bankruptcy through financial ratios
586 Finance MBA Impact of FED Discount Rate on Long Term Loans
587 Finance MBA Factors affecting bank interest rate spread in Pakistan
588 Finance MBA Impact of Income Tax rate on Inflation
589 Finance MBA Impact of Retained Earnings on Share Price
590 Finance MBA Impact of Inflation on fixed investment
591 Finance MBA The growth of Mutual Funds in Pakistan
592 Finance MBA Determinants of Equity Risk
593 Finance MBA Impact of sales growth on corporation borrowing
594 Finance MBA Dividend policy and payout ratio: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange
595 Finance MBA Determinants of Corporate Bankruptcy
596 Finance MBA Impact of Cash Flow and Profitability on Dividend payout
597 Finance MPHILL Impact of Dividend policy on Stock Price instability in Pakistan
598 Finance MBA Impact of Base II implementation on the profits of Commercials banks of Pakistan
599 Finance MBA Relationship between the payout ratios and future earnings growth by focusing on market portfolio
600 Finance MBA A comparative study of conventional portfolio v/s unconventional / Islamic portfolio
601 Finance MBA Determinants of Market Stock Price
602 Finance MBA Effect of leverage and taxes on firm value
603 Finance MBA Impact of Working capital management on Business Growth
604 Finance MBA Average return comparison between Karachi Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange
605 Finance MBA Effect of Underwriters reputation over initial public offerings
606 Finance MBA Impact of Risk-Return Relation in Fertilizer Industry of Pakistan
607 Finance MBA Impact of Profitability Ratios on Stock Return
608 Finance MBA Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan
609 Finance MBA Determinants of Capital Structure in power and energy sector of Pakistan
610 Finance MBA A study of Determinants of Interest Rate
611 Finance MBA Relationship between Debt Maturity and Tax Rate(s)
612 Finance MBA Impact of Interest and Inflation Rates on Company Stock Dividend
613 Finance MBA Impact of EPS on share holder’s wealth
614 Finance MBA Financing requirements in agricultural commodity businesses and its challenges
615 Finance MBA The impact of financial and economical factors on Airline Industry : A case study of Pakistan International Airline
616 Finance MBA Impact of change in gross total assets on stock prices
617 Finance MBA Cross Sectional relation between expected return and beta
618 Finance MBA Effects of Liquidity crises on bank’s profitability : A study of banking Industry
619 Marketing MBA Impact of Health care warnings on consumer buying behavior of cigarettes
620 Marketing MBA Effect of emotional appeal messages in ads on consumer attention
621 Marketing MBA A study on the impact of in mall events in enhancing the overall shopping experience of the customer
622 Marketing MBA Consumer perception of Negative comparative Advertising
623 Marketing MBA Impact of Internet on students’ academic performance
624 Marketing MBA Effect of Guerrilla marketing on Consumer Brand Preference
625 Human Resource Management MBA A Study on perceived effectiveness of TOT (Training of Trainers)
626 Marketing MBA Impact of Acquisition on brand perception; in the context of bodyshop’s acquisition by Loreal
627 Marketing MBA Factor affecting consumer buying behavior for electronic notebook
628 Marketing MBA Bargaining Patterns in the Apparel Industry : A Study on Consumer Attitudes
629 Human Resource Management MBA A study on corporate practices for retaining high performers
630 Marketing MBA Factor affecting consumer perception for frozen food
631 Marketing MBA To study the influence of retailer’s recommendations for male cosmetic products
632 Human Resource Management MBA Relationship between Performance Evaluation and Job Satisfaction
633 Human Resource Management MBA To study the level of satisfaction amongst the lower management staff for health benefits
634 Marketing MBA Factors impeding task accomplishements in Banks
635 Marketing MBA Consumer perception about the use of highly attractive models (HAM’S)
636 Marketing MBA The impact of service quality on students’ satisfaction in higher educational institutes
637 Marketing MBA Influence of Foreign Celebrity on Brand Perception
638 Marketing MBA Relationship between demographics and Internet Usage
639 Marketing MBA Relationship between Demographics and Choice of Medium for News and Information
640 Marketing MBA Effect of color on Brand Recall
641 Marketing MBA Matching self image and brand image
642 Human Resource Management MBA Factors influencing te choice of recruitment method by organization
643 Marketing MBA Impact of personal and non personal means of communication on buying decision for cellular phones
644 Marketing MBA A study of short message service (SMS) acceptance to participate in television programs
645 Marketing MBA Effect of cosmetic variations on Advertising Wear out
646 Marketing MBA Consumer attitude towards social media marketing for restaurants in Pakistan
647 Human Resource Management MBA Comparison between the effect monetary Vs non-monetary rewards on job satisfaction
648 Marketing MBA Factors Influencing Brand Preference in Airline Industry
649 Human Resource Management MBA Effect of Training Programs on Employee Performance in Telecommunication Sector
650 Marketing MBA The use of animation in advertising and its impact on children as influencers
651 Human Resource Management MBA To study the relationship of demographic factors with job satisfaction in National Bank of Pakistan
652 Human Resource Management MBA Factors affecting employee retention in electronic media (Television Channels)
653 Marketing MBA Brand Repositioning and customer loyalty
654 Marketing MBA Study the impact of reliability and responsiveness on customer satisfaction in power generators industry
655 Human Resource Management MBA Relationship between self esteem and employee performance
656 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of leadership styles on employee motivation
657 Human Resource Management MBA Factors Influencing Employers to Opt for ISO Certification
658 Marketing MBA Consumer Perception about stereotyping of women in television advertisements
659 Marketing MBA Ethnic advertisement:Young consumer’s attitude towards targeted and non targeted advertisement.
660 Marketing MBA Factors affecting customer satisfaction in courier services.
661 Marketing MBA Impact of advertisement on male vs. female consumer buying behavior.
662 Marketing MBA Impact of advertisement and retail price on product quality.
663 Marketing MBA Impact of brand trust and satisfaction on retailer repurchase intentions.
664 Marketing MBA Fators affecting consumer selection for brands of footwear.
665 Marketing MBA To study the factor influencing consumers to spontaneously switch brands in hair care products particularly shampoos.
666 Human Resource Management MBA The impact of Japanese Management system on productivity enhancement in the automobile sector.
667 Human Resource Management MBA Impact of motivators and hygiene factors on job satisfaction.
668 Human Resource Management MPHILL Impact of performance Appraisal system on the expectation of employee and employer: A comparative study.
669 Marketing MBA Effect of value proposition on customer retention.
670 Human Resource Management MPHILL Impact of Intrinsic rewards on faculty retention:Study of higher education institutions in Karachi.
671 Supply Chain Management MBA Factor affecting implementation of SCOR Model in supply chain efficiency.(A study of SCOR in pharmaceutical industry of Karachi).
672 Supply Chain Management MBA Impact of information Technology on retail sector in Pakistan.
673 Supply Chain Management MBA Deterministic Parameters for the success of vendor Managed inventory (VMI) in Pakistan.
674 Supply Chain Management MBA Relationship between channel conflict and stock outs at retail/distribution points.
675 Supply Chain Management MBA Improving reverse logistics of waste lubricating oil for re-refining.
676 Supply Chain Management MBA Deterministic parameters of warehouse efficiency in Pakistan.
677 Supply Chain Management MBA Deterministic factor of CPFR success in retailer-supplier relationships in Pakistan.
678 Supply Chain Management MBA Exploration of issues in Pakistan’s apparel industry as a global source of garment supply.
679 Supply Chain Management MBA Factors affecting outsourcing decisions in FMCG industry of Pakistan.
680 Supply Chain Management MBA The relationship among supply chain characteristics and manufacturing strategies.
681 Supply Chain Management MBA Issues and solutions for minimizing mango crop wastages and improvement in fresh fruit export from Pakistan.
682 Human Resource Management MPHILL The Impact of ICT gadgets on university students physical participation in sports.
683 Marketing MBA To study the effect of 11th hour marketing on buying decision of consumers in FMCG’s.
684 Human Resource Management MBA An analysis on the basis of what contracts are awarded to IPL players.
685 Marketing MBA Impact of sports event sponsorship on brand Image.
686 Marketing MBA Factors affecting consumer choice of video games.
687 Marketing MBA Customer’s current buying power,their purchase intention effects on new Brand building.
688 Marketing MBA A study on Pakistan Pharmaceutical industry:Factors affecting the growth and shift in marketing share from Multinational to National.
689 Marketing MBA A study to find out significant factors considered by students in selection of university for graduation.
690 Marketing MBA To study the impact of promotion on pharmaceutical sales.
691 Marketing MBA Bank selection criteria of customers.
692 Marketing MPHILL Impact of price and age of products on sales: A study of pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan.
693 Marketing MBA The impact of counterfeit brands on consumer acceptance of original brands.
694 Marketing MBA Impact of Mix model on brand loyalty: A study of cosmetics.
695 Marketing MBA Servicecape failure and its importance of recovery.
696 Human Resource Management MBA To study the factors inlfluencing organizations to opt for external or internal sources of recruitment.
697 Marketing MBA Relationship between customer satisfaction customer loyalty and profitability.
698 Marketing MBA Factors affecting small-scale textile industry production of Pakistan.
699 Marketing MBA Impact of Merger on job satisfaction.
700 Marketing MBA The impact of organization climate on job satisfaction.
701 Marketing MBA A study on factor influencing students in pursuing career.
702 Marketing MBA Impact of service recovery on customer satisfaction: Evidence from consumer banking industry in Karachi Pakistan.
703 Marketing MBA Impact of print media on purchase decision in case of high involvement products.
704 Marketing MBA Impact of sales force on the performance of the organization.
705 Marketing MBA Effect of web addresses in advertising effectiveness. Evidence from print media of Pakistan.
706 Marketing MBA Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction: A study of mobile phone users in Pakistan.
707 Marketing MBA Impact of green marketing approach on customer perception and behavior towards brands.
708 Marketing MBA Relationship between brand trust and customers brand loyalty: The case of 1300cc cars in Karachi.
709 Marketing MBA Impact of health risk awareness campaigns on cigarette consumption.
710 Marketing MBA Factors affecting local investment in real estate industry in Karachi.
711 Marketing MBA Consumer demand effects on advertising.
712 Marketing MBA Rising brand responsiveness in metropolitan cities among youngsters.
713 Marketing MBA Influence of sales persons’ customer orientation on retailer’s relationship with customers. A case of readymade garments in Karachi Pakistan.
714 Marketing MBA The effect of store name,brand name & price discounts on consumer’s evaluation and purchase intentions.
715 Marketing MBA An experimental study on the relationship between consumer involvement and advertising effectiveness.
716 Marketing MBA Effect of perceived price and perceived service quality on student satisfaction in university.
717 Marketing MBA Consumer perception of store brand on store loyalty: The case of hyper market in Karachi.
718 Marketing MBA The effect of cigarette ads on chidren taking up smoking in Karachi.
719 Marketing MBA The Role & future prospects of SMS marketing in message communication.
720 Marketing MBA Impact of multiple celebrity endorsement factors on brand image.
721 Marketing MBA Impact of in-store display on slaes (a competitive study of new and mature brand)
722 Marketing MBA Factor affecting parents choice of pre school
723 Marketing MBA Factor affecting consumer preference for food in restaurants
724 Marketing MBA A study on factor effecting companies to change their marketing strategies over the change in product life cycle
725 Marketing MBA Impact of merger and acquisitions on marketing strategies of FMCG in Pakistan