International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science Research provides an opportunity to have an intensified exchange and debate on different conference themes. This conference will allow research scholars to emerge from the solitary working conditions of doing research and make contact with colleagues in their field.

The chance to verbalize and discuss one’s ideas face to face as well as to find out what other researchers and academicians have explored in related areas can be invaluable to further the development of one’s research. This Conference will also bring together experts from industry/academia/R&D and other user community to discuss and share their expertise about socioeconomic issues.

The fundamental objective is to invite original researches from all over the world and disseminate their findings to authorities and world academia. The abstract book and papers presented would be published in peer reviewed journals of both universities. Another very important objective is to provide an interactive platform to the participants from different parts of the world and to promote private-public partnership among national and international organizations.

The main aims and objectives of the Conference are to:

  • Shed light on the accomplishments and weakness of previous research and draw evidences from new evidence.
  • Tackle current social, political, education, economic, and business issues in a context of present perspectives of Emerging Nations.
  • Make a platform for young researchers and renowned scholars from Pakistan and the world to network themselves through this conference.
  • Promote interdisciplinary presentations from different academic areas to bring new perspectives across different fields of study.
  • Linking think tanks, academia and practitioners in their respective fields.


  • Conceptual Discourse in Contemporary Social Sciences
  • Institutional Manifestation of Contemporary Social Sciences
  • Institutional Challenges and Implications: Management, Education and Social Sciences Research
  • Emerging Debates in Social Issues: A Case Study of Pakistan
  • Future Dynamics and Prospects