All around the world, students are experiencing hyper competitive Job Market. A bigger lot of graduates are being injected in the market through various universities however, the employment opportunities are limited. Students with a better understanding of themselves and the market succeed in getting their desired job by tapping the right opportunity at the right time with their Unique Selling Point (USP).
The phenomena of training sessions, workshops, seminars are prevailing in Karachi. Students are willing to pay handsome amount to know the tips and tricks for landing into their dream job or to be able to create their USP to out-compete others.
For addressing the needs of soon-to-be-graduates, Insight Talks was launched by Iqra University North Campus for preparing students to enter in the Job Market and to make them realize of their core competencies.
The series of talks were delivered by Market Experts to provide industry insights and realistic checks. It is always easier to talk about things that everybody already knows, so IU wanted students to know about the untold side of the corporate world.
Insight Talks series comprised of four sessions:
Naveed Pardesi from Youth Development Organization, conducted the first session on “If you can dream it, can you do it?” within which students realized that dream will remain a dream if there are excuses attached to it. He laid down a framework which facilitates in converting dreams in to reality so it becomes easier for students to execute small steps toward their dream.

The second session was facilitated by Mr. Amin Nasrullah from Unity Group. Mr. Nasrullah clarified the difference between learning years and earning years. He offered insights of the HR Department and laid down certain guidelines on how to add value to the firm along with some do’s and don’ts for grasping the opportunities.

The third session was dedicated to the students belonging from Supply Chain background. Mansoor Hassan from Barrett Hodgson shared the techniques of creating a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for a manufacturing company, how it works and what factors are to be considered for developing it.

Lastly, Mr. Mohsin Leghari from I AM KARACHI conducted the session and concluded the Insight Talks series by providing a holistic view upon things that a fresh graduate must know before entering into the corporate world. How non-idealistic the corporate world is and how a freshman has to adjust and become valuable to the firm.

The entire series became fruitful to the students of Karachi. Students from various universities including Karachi University and Hamdard University participated in the Talks series and got valuable insights out of it.